This month has been heavily focused on the topic of getting more clients and I wanted to continue to explore this topic in this month’s blog.

Most fitness and wellbeing business owners believe that getting more clients requires more doing, more action, more strategy; today I would like to invite another element to that. Getting more clients actually requires more mindset work. If you want clients to be attracted to what you do, how you can help them and for them to stay with you for a long time (retention) you need to make sure your mindset is in a state of abundance, growth and openness. Potential clients are not attracted or keen to work with people who give off the energy of lack and desperation. You may have found that strategies that used to work brilliantly for attracting new clients are now no longer delivering the results you want and/or need. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Rita Mae Brown

If your strategy isn’t working, there is no point in “flogging a dead horse.” Take the opportunity to step back and reflect. Think about the strategy and whether you have carried it out correctly but also think about the energy behind that strategy. 

Why do you want more clients? 

Are you desperate for the money?

Panicking and worried about how you’re going to stay afloat?

If all you focus on is the money, then you will never feel fulfilled and your energy and mindset will alway be a little “off.”

Today I invite you to really think about WHY you want more clients. 

Really dig deep. What does it mean to you to have those clients?

A sense of peace?

Fulfilment of purpose?

The ability to spend quality time with your family creating memories?

Time to look after your ageing parents and be them in a way that a job wouldn’t allow?

Your WHY for wanting more clients is a fundamental foundation building block in your business. If you don’t know WHY you want these clients, when challenges pop up or the proverbial hits the fan, you will find yourself on shaky ground with your mindset and energy faltering. Knowing WHY you want more clients is a really simple but effective way to help a part of you stay motivated and on track; to keep your mindset in a place of abundance and growth; for you to be the solution finder and for you to move forward quickly. 

So give it a go. Write out why you want more clients. Look at it every day. Get excited. 

Until next time.

Best wishes

Philippa x

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