Back in 2014 (six years into my fitness business), my time was taken up by running my business and service delivery. My diary was full and I had no wiggle room to do anything. My life and business were like a perfectly built house of cards – it looked so good from the outside but just one little change, one little puff of wind and the whole thing would collapse. My business and my life looked pretty good to an outsider but for me it was exhausting.

I wanted to grow my business, help people in as big a way as possible and earn more money but I also wanted balance to take time off and have a holiday or just sit and watch TV all day if I chose. I was working 7 days a week, delivering 21 fitness sessions and doing 95% of all the behind-the-scenes work.

I had no idea how I could make changes in my business when I had no time to learn anything new. There was no way I was letting all that I had built up fall down around my ears.

This all changed when I got shingles.

I went to the chiropractor thinking I had a nerve trapped in my shoulder blade but in the changing room I noticed a rash on my back. It was at that moment the penny dropped: the pain in my shoulder blade was actually shingles and there was the rash to confirm it.
I remember showing my GP the rash and him confirming it was shingles. My first question was not “How do I get well?” but instead “Can I still work?” I explained what I did and who I worked with and the GP confirmed that I could indeed still work if I felt up to it. So there I was, 37 years old with shingles and I continued to work all the way through it. I would go out to teach a class and come home to sleep.

It was after I had recovered that I realised that the business had survived even though all I had done was teach and sleep; there was wiggle room in my day. It was my perception that it would all fall apart if I slowed down but actually that wasn’t true.

At this point, I decided to look for help. I wasn’t prepared to take a step back as much as I had when I was ill but I realised there was an opportunity now to get support; there was space in the diary to make and implement change.
I joined a sales and marketing programme and was introduced to mindset coaching and meditation and basically the rest is history. Within a year I had taken on team, expanded the business and was actually working less.

Mindset coaching and meditation changed my business and my life. I never want another passionate, heart-centred business owner to end up where I did with their body shutting down on them slowly but surely through over-work, stress and exhaustion.

Mindset coaching helped me to discover what I really wanted and how to get it and now I help other business owners to do the same. Meditation helped me to gain clarity and to take inspired action from a place of faith rather than fear.

I qualified as a Holistic Mindset Coach in January 2019 and as a Meditation Teacher in Autumn 2019.

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Best wishes

Philippa xx

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