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“As a creative business owner and a perfectionist, I have a lot of ideas for my business, plus lots of things to do daily to keep it moving forward and it can be a real juggling act most days, which often leaves me feeling overwhelmed.

The coaching I receive from Philippa helps me to step back, reset and see a way to move forward, this helps me grow as a person and a business owner and helps me feel more confident in myself – like most of us, I still have a lot of work to do, but since working with Philippa I’m in a better place.”

Frances, Pilates Business Owner

“Before I started working with Philippa I seriously lacked focus and the support I needed. I had seen the impact she’d had on many others and knew that whatever she was doing for these people, it worked. They all spoke so highly of her, so I knew I needed someone like that in my corner. I waited over a year to have her as my coach because she was in high demand! I’m really glad I stuck it out and persisted and now we’ve been working together for a few months.

Philippa is one of THE most genuine and supportive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has totally got your back, she really does care and always has your best interests at heart. The best thing about working with Philippa is she doesn’t just nod and agree with everything you say – she challenges you to make sure you’re confident in your decisions, she makes you think about the bigger picture and is a great go-to opinion for an outsider looking in. Philippa goes above and beyond to make sure you’re confident about your next steps. My mindset approaching and dealing with difficult times has improved so much because I know that I have a trusted source I can speak so openly to without judgement. Neither of us ‘hold-back’ which is what I love most about our calls.”

Meg, Personal Trainer

“There were lots of things that I needed to do in my business but I kept putting things off.

I know a few business owners who have worked with Philippa and one of them recommended that I contact her.
Working with Philippa is great, there is no judgement and she is able to gently peel back the layers and help me make connections as to why I might have some blocks around certain aspects of my business.

I am not alone and don’t need to try to figure out everything by myself. Don’t be scared, she doesn’t bite!! As business owners we all need support, guidance and someone to help work through ideas with and also accountability. This is what Philippa provides with humour and thoughtfulness.
I always come away from our coaching calls feeling positive and energised. So if you are struggling and need that bit of support then get in touch with Philippa.”

Grace, Massage Therapist

“I have run my own fitness business for the last 4 years. It includes a combination of 1 to 1 personal training and fitness classes.

Having one to one support has been crucial to helping me keep focused on the tasks I need to do, to grow and develop my business bit by bit each month. I am very good at getting things done if I know what and how to do it. My one to one calls have helped me focus and decide what I need to do and how to get the tasks done. These calls are a safe and positive place to work it out together. Nothing sounds too ridiculous if I don’t know or don’t understand anything. The one to one calls also give me the accountability to get my actions done by the next call.

Having the group sessions as well, enabled me to learn from others within the same industry going through similar changes especially when the March 2020 lockdown happened. Group sessions have helped me to get out of my own head and have reminded me about the positive steps I have taken to keep my business going. It has allowed me to see the progress I have made. During both lockdowns, my business has stayed consistent with gaining new clients both in my classes and personal training. I moved online without a second thought at the start of the first lockdown and loved that the group sessions were a combination of mindset and sharing best practice – being surrounded by like-minded business owners is something I had missed but hadn’t realised how much.”

Helen, London.

“Philippa is a kind and sensitive coach with a deep desire to help you seek your truth. She takes a holistic approach to question and help you to find answers. She’s helped me transition into seeing more value in other aspects of myself, beyond my dominant ‘work’ narrative and to explore a different way of being beyond corporate conditioning and the 9-5. If you’re feeling stressed, uncertain, confused or lost, I’d highly recommend speaking to Philippa – it doesn’t have to stay that way!”
Amy, Business Owner

“…After the session I felt calmer and understood and not so alone. I will definitely sleep better tonight…”
Lucy, Therapist

“….Philippa helped me to empower myself and tonight I am in a much more positive place because she had time to listen….”
Cath, Coach

“You have taught me how to take my power back in dealing with difficult relationships which when allowed to fester have a negative impact on my business and life.”
Sandra, Personal Trainer

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