What to do when you find yourself falling out of love with your business 

You are not alone when it comes to feeling like you are falling out of love with your business. It’s natural to experience a range of emotions when it comes to your business. It can be difficult to manage when you’re no longer feeling the same sense of excitement and fun as you once did. Many of us start our businesses from a place of passion because it has helped us or someone close to us so we want to shout about it from the rooftops. But sometimes we can over give and overcommit, we can find our energy levels depleting, we may feel resentment if we are not receiving the reward (income) for the energy we put in. 

So what can we do when we find ourselves falling out of love with our businesses? 

Can it be saved or is it a lost cause? 

Here are some tips that may help you fall back in love with your business:

  1. Take a step back and reflect on your situation. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way and if there are any changes that you can make to help improve your situation. Are you still in alignment with your values and beliefs? Are you still on track with your intentions? Are you feeling stimulated by the work you are doing or is a part of you bored? Remember you are the boss; you can change things if you want to! Sometimes we may find ourselves running our business in a way based on our wants and needs from many years ago. We change as business owners, we evolve and so our business needs to evolve otherwise it will become stagnant and not something we enjoy. 
  2. Make sure you’re taking time for yourself. When we’re too busy and overwhelmed, it’s hard to find the time to nurture ourselves, and this can lead to burnout and feeling disconnected with our work. All work and no play is never a healthy combination for anyone. 
  3. Connect with your why. Take time to reconnect with WHY you started your business in the first place. Often resentment builds because a part of us has forgotten why. Make sure you connect with your why on a regular basis. 
  4. List what you love. Write a list of all the things you love about your business and keep it close by so you can remind yourself regularly. 
  5. Check in with the energy exchange. Are you being rewarded appropriately for the work you are doing? You are sharing your energy in the form of knowledge and skills; is this being rewarded appropriately in the form of the investment clients are making? If we are asking too little, the energy exchange easily becomes unbalanced and this can generate feelings of falling out of love with one’s business. 
  6. Find a mentor or a coach. If you need some extra help, find someone who can provide you with guidance and support.

Remember to be curious and compassionate with yourself. 

You are not on your own in sometimes feeling this way. You can change it. You have the power. 

Until next time, 
Best wishes
Philippa x