I’m Paula Sharp, a nutritional therapist based in the North Island of New Zealand.  I work via Zoom with women around the world to improve their well-being using a naturopathic approach to nutrition, hydration, detoxification and mindset. I work with clients to: shift weight, increase energy, support blood sugar, change food/beverage cravings, improve hormonal health and soothe hormonal milestones (fertility, perimenopause and menopause), to have skin clarity, to focus on gut and digestive degeneration, to reduce cholesterol … and so much more.  Over the last year, I have also started working with men who are taking charge of their food choices to change how they look, feel and shift their health to another level.  My 12 week program takes people from feeling vulnerable with food and their bodies to food confidence and intuitively understanding their body’s needs and responses.  I LOVE my work.

Mindset coaching is a part of how I work with my clients.  Often issues around food or food denial, learnt thoughts or behaviours towards nourishment and what is nourishing have to be addressed as a part of my one to one work (over 12 weeks).  It is a part of understanding how we care for ourselves.  As a Nutritional Therapist in business, I have also had to work with my mindset on a professional level, this has validated my sense of self within a market of nutritionists, dieticians and other nutritional therapists.  It took a lot of love, support and honesty to face my own personal doubts as a business owner.  Note: I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist with no qualification in business studies.  Business, and my place in it, has been a hands-on experience.

For me, mindset work has given me a new dialogue to better understand my world.  I’ve learnt to speak in ‘parts’.  ‘A part of me feels / thinks / agrees with’.  Because of course, not all of me feels / thinks / agrees in totality with anything.  My world isn’t only black and white, right and wrong.  This was an epiphany moment in being able to describe myself and others and to understand my business.  ‘Light and shadow’ is another perspective to see and describe my world.  This concept is two sides of the same coin, everything has a light and shadow, it’s where I focus my attention as to which is the strongest.  Curious isn’t it?  This ‘language’ has taken the angst out of decision making and the challenge out of tricky situations.  Why?  Because my perspective has changed and my empathy has increased.

Mindset work is like all exercise, in order to be good at it, you have to keep at it.  The tools I use are one to one calls with a mindset coach who I trust and respect, Philippa from Hold My Hand Coaching (she is magnificent).  I now also call her friend.  I work with a mindset group, The VIP Club who meets twice a month online.  We share ideas, we inspire each other, we learn from each other’s successes and ‘mistakes’ (are there ever truly mistakes or is it the ‘light and the shadow’?).  In my spare time I listen to inspirational speakers and podcasts and I read books which serve my sense of self and who I am and want to be as ‘Paula Sharp, Nutritional Therapist’.  All of this feeds my mindset, my optimism and holds me accountable.  

Working with mindset has allowed me to step out of the drama of other people’s lives or situations.  I am an observer, an advisor, an impartial person in a world which can be quick to judge, strongly advise and over share opinions.  Mindset has allowed me to focus on, without the distractions of drama.  I make very little emotional investment into drama.  This allows me to focus on what’s real in my world, have fun with my life, be more playful, I am not carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  What a relief!  I have the support in place to maintain this, plus the words to describe where I am, with empathy and compassion.

Mindset is a way of life.  On a personal level, I exercise this muscle many times a day.  Within my business I share mindset ideas and strategies with my clients.  In order to be physically successful with their health, they also need to have ‘their head in the game’ i.e. to have their mindset moving them forward (as versus sabotaging their success).  Working naturopathically with nutrition; whole body health, mindset is key.

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