Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to skyrocket while others struggle to get off the ground? It often boils down to one key factor: visibility. You’ve got to be seen to be successful. Remember, “Success isn’t just about being discovered. It’s about being discoverable.”

Waiting around to be discovered is a risky game to play in business. Instead, you need to shift your mindset to focus on being discoverable. This proactive approach is crucial for your fitness or wellbeing business. In this blog we look into why showing up and being discoverable is essential and how you can embrace this mindset shift.

The Importance of Being Discoverable

1. Visibility Equals Credibility

First things first, visibility builds credibility. When people see you consistently, they start to recognize you, and with recognition comes trust. Imagine you’re searching for a personal trainer online. You come across Trainer A, who has a professional website, active social media profiles, and a few blog posts. Then there’s Trainer B, who barely has an online presence. Who would you trust more with your fitness journey? Trainer A, right? Because they’re visible and seem more credible.

2. Attracting Your Ideal Clients

To attract your ideal clients, they need to know you exist. Your potential clients are out there, scrolling through social media, reading blogs, and searching for solutions to their problems. If you’re not showing up in those places, you’re missing out on countless opportunities. You need to put yourself out there where your clients are looking. This isn’t about putting one ad in the Yellow Pages and hoping your ideal client will “discover” you; you have to make it easy for them. You have to already be on their radar before they need you. 

3. Rising Above the Noise

The fitness and wellbeing industry is noisy. There are countless trainers, coaches, and wellness experts vying for attention. To stand out, you need to rise above the noise. This doesn’t mean you need to shout the loudest, but rather, provide genuine value and engage with your audience consistently. This makes you easily discoverable and helps you to stand out from the noise. 

Now we know the importance of being discoverable but does that help you to show up and be seen? Maybe not. I could talk about the logistics of being discoverable: consistent social media presence, using offline marketing to be seen within the community, optimising your website, sharing valuable content, networking and setting up collaborations but actually what is going to make the fundamental difference here is shifting your mindset. Being discoverable requires confidence and the willingness to put yourself out there. It can be intimidating, but remember, you have something valuable to offer. Believe in your expertise and the impact you can make. Embrace the mindset that you need to be proactive in your visibility efforts rather than passively waiting to be discovered. 

Shifting your mindset takes time, curiosity and compassion. For me, the one mindset shift that made a massive difference to how I show up in business came simply from changing the words I used to describe the actions I was taking. Simply thinking about making myself easy to find for the business owners that needed help with their mindset, making myself discoverable, was huge instead of thinking about having to promote myself or be visible all the time. 

There is no doubt that visibility is a game-changer for your fitness or wellbeing business. It’s not enough to be good at what you do; people need to know you exist. We know this but it isn’t always easy to do. So today I invite you to work on being discoverable, to work on making it easy for your ideal client to find you and to create that connection with you so they know, like and trust you.

Remember, success isn’t about being discovered. It’s about being discoverable. Now go on, show up, and shine! 🌟

Until next time,

Best wishes

Philippa x