Money can be an emotionally loaded subject for many people; in fact for some it is even taboo. As business owners it is vital that our money mindset is strong and abundant.

We interact with different people every day whether that be clients, team members, family or friends. Each one of them will have their own money mindset and if your money mindset is not strong and abundant, you may be negatively impacted by their beliefs.

I recently did a poll in my Facebook community – The Fitness and Wellbeing Business Mindset Hub – – where I asked the question: 

Which money related phrases did you hear most often when you were growing up?

26% chose “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

19% chose “That’s too expensive.”

18% chose “Do you think I’m made of money?”

These phrases repeated over time and with impact will influence our own money beliefs. They do not cultivate a strong abundant mindset but instead cultivate the feeling of lack and scarcity and for many, they develop an inaccurate link between money and self-worth. 

As business owners in the fitness and wellbeing industries, we are sharing our passion with people. We love what we do and we want to spread the love for it. We want to help people, to support people, to inspire people as they make changes and improve their lives. However, we also have to ask for money as the reward for our knowledge, skills, effort and time. The way in which we ask for this reward and the energy that emanates from us, will depend on our money mindset. Do you stumble over your words or leave it until the last minute to ask for the money? Do you avoid saying the words and simply say things like:

“I’ll get the card machine” or “Would you like a receipt?”

This would indicate to me that your money mindset requires a little attention.

Perhaps you are quite happy sharing the opportunity to work together and explaining your packages/options and their respective investments. Perhaps you are clear that money is simply part of the energy exchange between you and the client. Perhaps you do not stumble over your words or feel uneasy in any way. This would indicate to me that your money mindset is in a great place. 

If you have been reading these words today and at any point felt uncomfortable about money, that is your sign to work on your money mindset. 

If you have been reading these words today and have felt absolutely fine then this is your sign to continue your great money mindset work.

Money mindset work is never done. It is something we have to work on continuously. Remember you are exposed to other people’s money mindsets on a daily basis and these can adversely affect our own beliefs. We are also exposed to the media and their agenda regarding money. Your money mindset is an asset that is to be taken care of and nurtured; never underestimate its power. 

Until next time, 

Best wishes

Philippa x