Over the past couple of weeks, I have been noticing and paying attention to the snowdrops in our garden. They are the first sign that spring is coming and yet they pop up so early they run the risk of being frozen. They want to be first-off the post/first to raise their head above the ground so they don’t have to compete for the sun and the other resources. Too soon and they won’t get enough sun to photosynthesise. Too late and they will be in the shade of other plants which are taller than them and so they won’t have a chance.

The snowdrop has adapted over time to learn exactly when the conditions are right to pop out of the ground and has developed to ensure it can survive in the winter conditions. One of these adaptations being the fact that it contains natural anti-freeze so when freezing temperatures strike their cells do not risk bursting and so the plant will not die.

It also has very clear lines within its flower that act like landing strips for the early pollinators. The way is clearly marked to ensure successful pollination. 

The snowdrop does not shout and scream from the rooftops about its adaptations and developments. It simply shows up doing its thing year in and year out. Those people that are drawn to the snowdrop notice it and enjoy it. Those people who aren’t really bothered don’t see it and don’t care. 

The snowdrop is consistent and persistent. It knows its ideal time to break through the soil and show itself to the world. It gets its needs met and is ahead of the game so it doesn’t have to compete with other plants for the sun but also doesn’t have to compete with other flowers to ensure it gets pollinated.

How can a part of me think there are lessons to learn from a snowdrop? How can they possibly relate to mindset and business? Have I finally lost my marbles? Maybe. I’ve put the lessons below so you can decide.

Lesson 1

You don’t need to be the biggest and fanciest to get noticed and to get the success you want.

Lesson 2

Being consistent and regularly showing up gets you noticed by those that need and want what you have to offer.

Lesson 3

In case of challenging conditions, have your own anti-freeze ready. My anti-freeze comes in the form of my coaches who support me and help me when a part of me “freezes.” 

Lesson 4

Make sure its clearly marked out so the people you want to work with can find you and know exactly what to do – this is not about guess work and luck. Nature isn’t being lucky. If a snowdrop can put down landing strips then you can put that FB ad out. 

Lesson 5

Don’t waste time doing stuff that doesn’t serve you. Do your thing and bloom. Everything else will fall into place.

If any of this has sparked your curiosity about your mindset when it comes to your business, do reach out and get in touch. 

Until next time….

Best wishes