Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it has to be hard – please use same photo as in newsletter

Many of us will have grown up with the story that something new will be hard and that doing something new is the harder option.I remember a Maths teacher I had always introduced a new concept with “This will be hard for some of you.” As you can imagine for some of the people in the class that immediately set them off in a flat spin – I may have been one of those people. 
I remember trying on school shoes and knowing that the first few days of having new shoes would be hard as I had to break them in. 
Many of us may feel excited by something new even though there may be parts that we don’t know about or fully understand straight away. 

How do you feel about doing something new? 
Not bothered?
May be a mixture of all of the above?

As business owners we are regularly having to adapt and try new things. This may be negotiating the latest Facebook update or learning new choreography or a new technique in your chosen area of expertise; it may simply be learning how to operate in your office when it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit! I refer to the temperature in my office on Wednesday 21st July 2021. 

If a part of you finds new things a bit hard, remember that it’s ok. Another part of you may be excited and that’s ok too. 

When new things come up for you, remember that the ego/primitive brain does not like new things. This part of you will actively try to stop you doing something new.
The ego/primitive brain likes predictability, repetition, certainty. It definitely doesn’t like new things, change or the unknown. 
To soothe the ego/primitive brain and to get it “on board” with something new, you can always write a list of the reasons why you are going to do the new thing and make a change. The ego/primitive brain needs to know what’s in it for them – how will it make life better?  
Sometimes we may try to push the ego/primitive brain to one side and shove it “back in its box” however this almost always leads to it coming back to metaphorically “bite you on the bum” later. Listen to your ego/primitive brain. Remember it is worried for you. Learn to love and show compassion to the ego/primitive brain dialogue is how we ultimately master our mindset. 

During July I have tried many new things and a part of me does find it hard. However, a bigger part of me loves the challenge and the excitement and also the reward when I have achieved it. A part of me also recognises that some new things are easy because they are truly aligned with how I want to show up in the world and my reason for running my business.

What will you do the next time you are about to do something new? 

Until next time, 
Best wishes
Philippa x