Connection – 

Connection is defined as something that joins or connects two or more things or the act of joining or being joined to something else, or the part or process that makes this possible.

You may be wondering what a photo of a slightly chewed ethernet cable has got to do with mindset, well there’s a story to go with this, just bear with me.

As some of you know, we got a puppy in November 2022. She is a liver working cocker spaniel and a ball of cuteness, love, cuddles, explosive energy and sharp teeth. She is all about fun and living life to the full; nothing holds her back, except when she got gastroenteritis. Poor puppy. She was not well. She had to go to the vets and she had to miss puppy class for two weeks. She also missed a week when our other dog had gastroenteritis as we didn’t want to spread it around. This means that she managed to miss 3 vital weeks of connection with other puppies and it took its a toll on her – not for long, she has bounced back. Last night she was back at class and firing on all cylinders. 

Today she decided to do something she has never done; she chewed a wire: the ethernet cable. I was on a call with one of my clients at the time. By the time I realised what had happened it was too late – connection was lost and I was hoping and praying the WIFI would kick in. The room that I was working from has quite a weak WIFI connection sometimes. 

As business owners, we can sometimes lose connection and we don’t realise the impact of that connection until it’s too late. By the time we realise we’ve lost our connection with like-minded business owners, we may find ourselves feeling lonely, confused, resentful and possibly even losing the love for what we do. 

Connection is vital for humans; it’s vital for puppies! It’s vital for all pack animals. Connection builds us up; it raises our vibe and enables us to thrive and flourish. Without that connection we become stressed and that’s when our ego can take control of the show. Connection can lead to change, to learning what works and what doesn’t, to sharing experiences and feeling supported. The ego knows these things lead to change – it doesn’t want to change.

This connection doesn’t have to be on the same level as puppy connection – there’s a lot of inappropriate sniffing with puppies! This connection doesn’t have to be hugging and high fives. This connection can be whatever you want it to be. Connection is one of the vital parts to an abundant, growth mindset and to a thriving business. 

If you have been lacking connection, I invite you to introduce some as soon as you can. This could be a networking meeting or meeting a friend who has their own business for a coffee. The important part is to connect with like-minded business owners. You could join a free group or a paid group; it could be online or face to face; it could be local or far from home – it’s up to you, you decide. If you want to “dip your toe in the water” of connection (as it were), feel free to come and join my free FB community: The Life and Business Mindset Revolution. You are very welcome to come and see what’s on offer and do as little or as much as you want. Here’s the link if you fancy joining us:

Until next time, 

Best wishes

Philippa x