The Couch to 5k is done – woohoo! The whole point of this is that you go from not running at all to being able to run non-stop for 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes of running the idea is that one is then able to cover 5km.

If you have followed my running journey at all on social media, you will know that I did not run, it wasn’t even a jog. It was more like a shuffle that was faster than a walk but only just. This did mean that on graduation day I had completed the 9 weeks of the course and done every single session but I didn’t actually make it to the 5km distance. At this point a part of me (that very predictable and not at all original ego/primitive brain) started to berate me:

“Well you haven’t actually completed it because you didn’t make it to 5km. Here we go again another failure. I’m not sure why you even bother. You didn’t enjoy it. You might as well have stayed on the sofa or done a bit more work, you’re good at those things. Will you ever reach that 5km mark in 30 minutes? Probably not. I wouldn’t bother even trying.”

However another part of me piped up and said:

“Bloody hell! You did it! Even when you really wanted to give up, you didn’t. When the rain was sideways and the wind was blowing you backwards, you still carried on. Even when it was so cold that you had to wrap a scarf over your mouth and nose to stop yourself getting an irritated throat, you still carried on. You didn’t miss a session. You did every single one. Even when your body was protesting, you still carried on. What an amazing mindset to have! Every step showed true grit and determination – well done!”

In this moment I had a choice as to which part of me I listened to, which part of me I paid attention to. I thank my ego/primitive brain for popping up and trying to keep me safe. I know that it doesn’t like change. However I also know that if nothing changes then nothing ever changes. 

I could have left it at that but one of the major things I have learnt along the way is that to cultivate a success mindset, an open growing mindset, one needs to reflect and celebrate. Celebration allows us to experience a delicious dopamine rush and helps to reinforce a behaviour pattern. 

Many of you will have achieved things in your life and/or business and never celebrated them. What do you think is the message that you then send to parts of yourself about achieving goals/intentions? Does it make the parts of self want to strive and work hard towards goals/intentions or does it make them wonder, “What’s in it for me? Why should I bother?”

Celebration doesn’t have to be champagne and caviar. 

Celebration can be as simple as putting on your favourite tune and having a celebratory dance in the kitchen. 

It can be saying out loud “Well done me!” 

It can be raising a glass of you favourite beverage and saying “Cheers! Here’s to my achievement!” 

It can be spending extra time doing your favourite hobby. 

It could be hiking up a hill to take in your favourite view. 

Whatever form the celebration takes make sure it is a right fit for you. By doing this you will be sending that message to the brain and to parts of self that it was worth it and we’d definitely give it a go again knowing what was at the end. 

So how will you be celebrating?

Until next time….

Best wishes

Philippa x