Don’t deny it. You sang the title, didn’t you? 😉

2021 has been another interesting year. I realise that is an understatement. 

We have planned things and those plans may have come to fruition and they may not. We could choose to look back on the year with disappointment, judgement and frustration or we could choose to also see the good stuff and celebrate it.

I’m not talking about ignoring the things that were bad or went wrong – toxic positivity is real. Instead, I am inviting you to also recognise the good in the year that has past and to celebrate the fact that you showed up and shared.

In the UK, we tend to look towards the negative and to focus on what didn’t go well. All this does is reinforce the negative pathway in our mind and feeds the development of a fixed, closed and lack-based mindset. The reason why this can become a problem for us as business owners, is it means we are less likely to be able to see opportunities as they arise and less likely to be able to finds solutions should problems/challenges arise.

Someone who celebrates and acknowledges the good stuff is more observant and filters their surroundings differently. If you look for the good, you will find the good. If you look for the negative, you will find the negative. Seek and you shall find.

Your ego/primitive brain also requires celebration as a way for it to see value in change. Remember this part of you does not like change so if you don’t make it a pleasant experience why would it bother being on board with future changes? Imagine a child who has spent hours on a new drawing of something they have never tried to draw before. The child takes it excitedly to a significant adult, only for that adult to say, “Not now. I’ll look later.” How does that child feel in that moment? What if later never comes? Does that child continue to try new things? Or perhaps if this scenario is repeated over time, the child ceases to engage or try. Your ego needs that recognition. It needs praise. It needs celebration. If it doesn’t get these things, it won’t bother. It certainly won’t be on board with change. 

Imagine the same scenario, except this time the adult says, “Wow! This is amazing. It must have taken you so long. Look at the colours. Let’s put it on the fridge so everyone can see.” How does the child feel now? Will that child continue to try, to explore, to express themselves, to change, to feel courageous enough to try something new?

Your celebration does not require you to put all your work on the fridge. Your celebration does not need to be massive. It can be as simple as raising a glass to yourself or 2 minutes of a happy dance. The most important thing is the action of the celebration not the actual length of the celebration. 

So what will you be celebrating as we round off 2021 and how will you celebrate?

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Until next time, 

Best wishes

Philippa x